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A podcast (produced in Canada) for adults with ADHD and is presented by The Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada. The podcast is hosted by Russ Le Blanc a former nationally syndicated broadcasters who just happens to have ADHD. Russ adds information with a bit of humor to make this podcast extremely listenable. .
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Latest Episodes…

  1. # 13 Podcast

    In this episode Russ talks about the holidays plus we speak with Heidi Bernhardt. Heidi is the CEO of the Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada (CADDAC). Heidi reviews the steps, a person should take, when seeking an ADHD assessment. It's information we all should know! ]]> ...


  2. #12 Podcast

    In this edition, Russ talks about his perfect work scenario (suited for his ADHD) plus we speak with Dr. Kenny Handelman. Dr. Kenny is a psychiatrist, in the Toronto area, who specializes in ADHD. He also is an author, a public speaker, and a an expert all dealing with ADHD ...


  3. # 11 Podcast

    Check out the latest edition of Club ADHD the Podcast - In this weeks episode, Russ talks about how his ADHD hyperfocus became a distraction when it came to a recent health issue. We also have a "communications specialist" tell us ways we can help lay the groundwork when it ...


  4. #10 podcast

    This week on Club ADHD the podcast, Russ tells about hyperfocusing on his recent health issue. He also checks out the “stuff” on his desk and he reads an email from a listener. In the interview portion Russ talks to Danielle who lives in a household where everyone has ADHD! ...


  5. #9 Podcast

    In this edition, Russ talks about ADHD during this special time of year plus, in the interview portion, we find out what it’s like to be married to someone with ADHD as we speak to Ava Green. Ava runs a business with her husband, who happens to be a comedian, ...