Club ADHD The Podcast

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A podcast (produced in Canada) for adults with ADHD and is presented by The Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada. The podcast is hosted by Russ Le Blanc a former nationally syndicated broadcasters who just happens to have ADHD. Russ adds information with a bit of humor to make this podcast extremely listenable. .
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Latest Episodes…

  1. #23 Podcast

    In edition #23 of Club ADHD the Podcast, Russ talks about a situation where he was able to show some restraint by holding back the dreaded ADHD impulsiveness plus we feature two interviews. We first chat with a person with ADHD who created a support group in an area that ...


  2. #22 Podcast

    Edition #22 of Club ADHD the Podcast is sort of freewheelin’. Russ talks about some of the “challenges” he’s faced, over the past couple of weeks. He also offers an opinion on why we feel the need to wear a “mask” in today’s society. Russ then presents an idea on ...


  3. #21 Podcast

    In edition #21 of Club ADHD the Podcast Russ talks about some of the things he experienced, over the past couple of weeks, including the follow-up to the infamous experience with the TV crew from South Korea. Meanwhile, in our interview portion of the podcast, we hit the road ...


  4. #20 Podcast

    The uploading of this edition of “Club ADHD the Podcast” was a little late but we have a valid reason! No, it had nothing to do with a dog eating homework, Russ dealt with a very interesting “situation” this week. A situation that could cause a person’s ADHD to go ...


  5. #19 Podcast

    In this edition of Club ADHD the Podcast (the show for adults with ADHD) Russ starts off by talking about his “digital dilemma”. He then moves on to the interview portion of the show featuring a chat with a person who is no stranger to Club ADHD the Podcast. He ...