Club ADHD The Podcast

--- R.J. LeBlanc ---

A podcast (produced in Canada) for adults with ADHD and is presented by The Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada. The podcast is hosted by Russ Le Blanc a former nationally syndicated broadcasters who just happens to have ADHD. Russ adds information with a bit of humor to make this podcast extremely listenable. .

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #78 Podcast

    #78 In this edition of Club ADHD the Podcast, Russ talks about the challenges of “getting in gear” during a pandemic plus… he’s back! Comedian, TV personality, ADHD advocate, and fellow ADHD’er, Rick Green, drops by for a chat. It’s going to be interesting! ...


  2. #77 Podcast

    #77 On this edition of Club ADHD the Podcast Russ talks about making Club ADHD even better plus we talk with long-time ADHD coach, advocate, and fellow ADHD’er, Pete Quily ( Pete offers some great information and talks about experiences many of us can relate to (no matter where in ...


  3. #76 Podcast

    **#76** We’re back, after another “hiatus”. Russ explains and is ready to get back into high gear. We also talk with the founder of CADDAC (The Center for ADHD Awareness Canada) Heidi Bernhardt. It’s business as usual at CADDAC (despite the pandemic) and we chat about some of the things ...


  4. #75

    We’re back…with another edition of Club ADHD the Podcast. Russ took a bit of a self-imposed “hiatus” but we have returned! In this special edition, Russ explains the “perfect storm” that lead to his “leave of absence”. Perhaps you’ve experienced similar “rainy weather”? In any case, it’s ...


  5. #74 Podcast

    We’re back (after a short hiatus) with a special edition of Club ADHD the Podcast. Russ talks (candidly) about how his ADHD brain is processing today’s “environment” and how tough it is to keep at it when many “normal people” are having trouble keeping it together. He calls it, “the ...